The School Student Opal Card can only be used for travel between home and school. It does not extend to activities such as school excursions, sports and work experience. The student’s home address is defined as their normal place of residence.

However, the one card can cover both train and different bus companies provided the trip is from home to school, including the return journey.

To apply for an Opal Card click here or phone 131 500 for more information. Please ensure the address on the Opal Card application corresponds with the address given on school records.

In a joint/dual custody situation a student is eligible for subsidised travel from both parents’ addresses, subject to meeting the normal eligibility criteria. A separate application must be made for each address.

If you qualify for a Private Vehicle Conveyance (PVC) subsidy (not close to public transport and need to drive a student more than 1.6km to the nearest bus stop or school) click here to apply. Please remember to give accurate distances.  

Catherine McAuley Catholic College is serviced by the following three bus companies. If parents/guardians are unsure as to where their child should board, it is suggested you contact the relevant transport provider listed below before your child commences school. You can gain the appropriate information from the bus company, or go to their website.

Port Stephens Coaches
15 Port Stephens Drive 
Anna Bay 2316
P | 4982 2940

Hunter Valley Buses
6 Glenwood Drive
Thornton 2322
P | 4935 7200

2370 A1, Heatherbrae 2324
P | 4983 1560