Catherine McAuley is committed to recruiting and retaining high-quality professionals to build a learning culture that supports the college Moral Imperative and Mission. Mercy calls for the highest levels of professionalism and emphasises excellence in all things.

  • Our approach is research informed
  • We aim to operate between “best practice” and “next practice”
  • We have a clear and deliberate approach to ongoing staff professional development
  • At the centre of all that we do is a commitment to meet students at their point of challenge and work with them to grow

Fr Anthony Coloma has been appointed as chaplain to Catherine McAuley Catholic College, by Fr Greg Barker, Administrator for the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese. Fr Anthony will play a key role in supporting and developing the ministry and faith life of the community.



Peter Antcliff

Foundation Assistant Principal

Denise Argus

Administration Assistant - Student Services

Liam Ashleigh

Leader of Wellbeing and Engagement (Yr 7)

Mathew Bailey

Teacher (Religion, PDHPE), Sports Coordinator (Representative Sport)

Cassie Barnett

Teacher (PDHPE, Religious Studies)

Emma Bennis

Teacher (English)

Richard Brown

Leader of Learning (TAS)

Loretta Browne

Leader of Learning (PDHPE)

Riarne Bullock

Teacher (Science)

Daniel Bunt

Teacher (Science)

Tamara Carrigan

Leader of Learning (English), Teacher (Drama)

Roz Chamberlain

Teacher (Science)

David Chaney

Teacher (Languages)

Rebel Clark

Head of House – Wati Discovery House, Teacher (English)

Emily Collett

Teacher (PDHPE)

Fr Anthony Coloma

College Chaplain

Tom Davies

Learning Mentor (Inclusive Pedagogies)

Bronwyn Denham

Head of House – Watha Endeavour House, Teacher (PDHPE)

Liz Di Nardo

Executive Assistant to the Principal

Scott Donohoe

Foundation Principal

Emily Duncombe

Canteen Supervisor

Kylie Ellis

Finance Officer

Bernadette Enright

Administration Assistant

Marguerite Field

Administration Assistant

Sean Fogarty

IT Field Support Officer, Medowie

Amy Giffney

Teacher (HSIE)

Tanya Giuliani

Learning Mentor (Inclusive Pedagogies)

Nicole Griffiths

Canteen Assistant

Summar Harrison

Pedagogical Mentor, Teacher (HSIE)

Michelle Hartmann

Teacher (Religious Studies)

Kylah Hollingsworth

Teacher (English) 2023

Luke Hughes

Teacher (TAS)

Daniel Hunter

Teacher (Science)

Blake Jamison

Teacher (Mathematics)

Taylor Joyce

Leader of Wellbeing and Engagement (Yr 8), Teacher (Science, Mathematics)

Andrew Keady

PDHPE/Religious Studies Teacher

Luke Kelleher 

Leader of Learning (Science)

Siobhan Kelly

Leader of Learning (Religious Education)

Lyndsay Klopper

Leader of Learning (DIAL), Teacher (Mathematics)

Matthew Klopper

Teacher (Mathematics), Sports Coordinator (Internal Sports)

Maryke Lee

Learning Mentor (Inclusive Pedagogies)

Jessica Lord

Teacher (Mathematics)

Jonathon McCallum

Leader of Ministry

Aleeah Maffesoni

Administration Coordinator, Teacher (Art)

Aaron Mahony

Leader of Wellbeing and Engagement (Yr 10)

Cherie Martin


Louiza Mavros

Leader of Learning (VET), Teacher (Music)

Jenny Newling

Leader of Learning (Inclusive Pedagogies)

Christine Nielsen

Administration Assistant

Leticia Nischang

Teacher (TAS)

Brianna Nixon

Teacher (PDHPE, Science)

Elyse North

Leader of Learning (CAPA, LOTE)

Erin O'Dwyer

Leader of Learning (Mathematics)

Kylee Perrett

Teacher (PDHPE, Visual Arts)

Jesse Pittard

Teacher (English) 2023

Bianca Sibert

Teacher (English)

Neville Spence


Tess Tate

Teacher (English)

Jerrod Thompson

Food Technology Assistant

Linda Thompson

Learning Mentor (Inclusive Pedagogies)

Lachlan Tonks

Teacher (PDHPE, Religion)

Bradley Waelen

Teacher (Mathematics)

Melanie Walker

Teacher (Librarian)

Amie Walsh

Teacher (TAS)

Marianne Walsh

Teacher (Science) - Maternity Leave

Alexandria Warnock

Leader of Learning (HSIE)

Scott Warnock

Leader of Wellbeing and Engagement (Yr 9)

Geraldine Whiteside

Leader of Learning (Inclusive Pedagogies)

Rechelle Wood

Teacher (Inclusive Pedagogies)


Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Teacher

Caitlin Callahan

Laboratory Assistant