Parent Engagement Group (PEG)

Catherine McAuley Catholic College is firmly committed to engaging with our parents and carers to develop strong and effective partnerships with our families that empower confident, agile and reflective learners.

In December 2020, Bishop Bill Wright ratified a new 2020 Constitution for P & F Associations as well as a new model of family engagement, the Parent Engagement Group (or PEG) offering communities an alternative to the usual P & F Association.

On 27 April 2021, we welcomed Cath Garrett-Jones, the Family Engagement Officer for the Catholic Schools Office (CSO) to our College. Cath presented information about the new 2020 P & F Constitution as well as the new Parent Engagement Group model (PEG) to parents and carers. A letter was forwarded to parents following this evening with a link so all families were able to access information about these two options.

A survey of families was then undertaken and overwhelmingly 95% of families who responded indicated their preference to adopt the Parent Engagement Group (PEG) model.

This PEG commenced in Term 3 2021 and will be held termly for the purpose of connecting with the College Principal and school staff to build capacity to engage in students’ learning. Each meeting will feature a Principal’s report, an opportunity for questions with notice as well as an educative component on a topic relevant to your child’s learning here at CMCC.

Below are the details of the next (PEG) meeting:


Term 1, 2023


Wednesday 1 March


6:00pm – 7:30pm 


Learning Loft, Coolock House, CMCC